Tuesday, March 3, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 days

Orange Sorbet #29
This is one that was supposed to be simple, instead it was a rough start and a rough end. To me it looks overworked and perhaps I need to work it over. Maybe the shadows should be darker or the background needs to be another color or value. I thought in my jumbled mind, this was number 30 this is why in the post below I had mentioned that I was at 60%, but it's 29.

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Tia Lola said...

Of course, I would love the color on these shoes- tame the background, bold is good.

Tia Lola said...

...I just counted 32 shoes but included in the count are your first postings: Pink Marabu, YMBML Star, & Acceptance.

Collection of the Artist said...

The number of the shoe is in the label at the bottom. You can only count from the first yellow shoes and on.