Tuesday, March 10, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 days

The Crown Jewel # 36
Not quite finished, the background needs to be the color and value of the left side, in the real painting the discrepancy in the background is not so noticeable. I almost finished one last night that I will be working on during my lunch hour, I should have 40 by tonight, Ha! there are only 10 days left until I'm "supposed" to be done and I'm to turn in all fifty dry by the 25 so you have a couple of days of a grace period, still I have to sign them and tape the sides.
I wish I had these pair of shoes to wear the day of the opening reception.
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K said...

This is a dazzling shoe, though the background does need just a little work. Did you paint over a previous version of the same shoe?

Collection of the Artist said...

No, but because the shoe is dark itself I had a hard time with the background, it looks different in the painting, not so fragmented in terms of the color gradation.

patricia said...

I see what K. is talking about, but it's fitting. The back ground says a lot about what type of person might were these shoes.

Mark said...

I really love the flamenco dancer. it reminds me of when I was in Spain. I want this painting!


Anonymous said...


I love this painting! It's graceful and enchanting.