Thursday, March 5, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 days

Rose Petal #31
The painting is actually a lot prettier in color. I had problems with the photograph, bad light and it was too early in the morning when I took it. Mia Lamore wore these shoes and the price she paid was worth it $27,500. It probably took me longer to paint it, three hours. These paintings will be on sale at the 20Th Street Gallery, Sacramento, April 11 is the opening date and the exhibition will be open for a full month. The sale price will be between 70.00-75.00 the size is 6x6 unframed
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Tia Lola said...

Gorgeous! The colors, despite your claims of poor lighting, are vibrant. The remind me of a tempting desert in a window case. I would like a pair but I would have to sell my one kidney. It appears, based on the last few paintings that you have turned the corner both creatively-wise and emotionally. ?Can you see the finish line?

K said...

This is sensational. I'd much rather have this painting than the actual shoes.

Collection of the Artist said...

K & Tia Lola I love your comments, suggestions and words of encouragement they keep going until I get to the finish line, now that I think about it, the gun went off and I ignored it.
About the Kidney, I heard it's worth two, you might be able to get enough in the black market to buy four pairs of shoes.

patricia said...

Forest fairy shoes is what the critics say. Beautiful!