Wednesday, March 11, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 days

Wild Tiger # 38
It's getting harder to complete these little paintings because I'm getting tired and bored, but there are only 12 to go and the deadline is the 20th of this month, nine days. I can see the finish line even though I'm behind by three if I don't finish one tonight. I haven't let myself get further behind by keeping up this week, tomorrow I will be out of town so it might cause a problem. If I can do three on one of the weekend days I won't be so worried.

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Mark said...

Hey Betty, I will show Lourdes how to blog. Nice shoes!


Collection of the Artist said...

Mark, Thanks! Did you see the rest? Especially your Grant's' Mickey Mouse Slippers. This is number 38 and I'm on the brink of finishing up two more.