Wednesday, March 4, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 days

Alejandra & Grant's baby shoes #30
I tried painting this pair before and it didn't work, for some reason I got off track and it turned into a sloppy mess of paint. I had to change the way I attacked the problem of the background and the shadows inside the shoe. I'm really happy with the way everything worked it turned out "painterly". This is the way I really want to paint. This is me!
Alejandra my niece, the one in the purple striped stockings and Grant my nephew both wore these shoes when they were toddlers. Yes, Grant is a boy, but remember John Kennedy when he was a toddler in one of the pictures he wore a pair just like these. I love them, both the shoes and Alejandra and Grant.
I might modify the left shoe in terms of the brightness (darken the red, it's too bright in it's intensity) of the tip.
Now, I'm really at 60%.
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K said...

These are lovely and- you are right- quite painterly.