Sunday, March 8, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 days

Black Tie affair #35
My record in one day, three and now 15 more to go (75% completed). I would have done for had it not been for the pink petal shoe, also I went to a presentation at the Knowlton Gallery on the Sierra Mountains and plein air painting, very impressive. Sixteen more to go. I need to go back and start making corrections and adjustments, taping the sides for a finished look and placing labels and number on the back, my plate is full.
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Tia Lola said...

I like this one but you need to re-think the bow. The right side is sticking up too high.

Collection of the Artist said...

Darn it! It was a white bow in the picture and it was sticking out way more, it's the angle of the shoe. Will fix it.