Wednesday, February 25, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 days

OVER THE HUMP #25 Leopard Mary Jane's
Dear friends thank you for looking and for all your support and comments. As I write this I'm in a daze, we are officially over the hump (25 more to go), I can hardly believe I'm writing this. It has been no doubt a gruelling task, the hardest part; discipline to sit at the easel until the piece is finished. According to my calculations I should have 50 completed by March 20 and then deliver by Wednesday March 25Th. Now that I think about it I'm going to feel a little sad that some of these will be sold, among them and with hope that they won't sell will be the Japanese shoe, the red valentine day boots, the over the knee stiletto boots, red hot flames and some others that I consider took so much work. The only way to think is that someone paid to enjoy my work and that some of these little pieces found a home. It's time to celebrate and enjoy!


K said...

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Your paintings keep getting better and better.

Tia Lola said...

This is a beautiful set to mark the midway point! The largeness of the shoe at the forefront, along with with the muted tones, makes this painting very unique.

You are officially over the hump!
Keep on painting-March is right around the corner.