Sunday, February 8, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 day #8

This is a struggle, it is only after I look at it on the big screen that I start to see all the mistakes and it's back to the drawing board. I think I'm one behind, at the end of today I should have 10 shoes, oops! I'm still missing one. Better hurry up, I'm doing this today in between doing laundry and dying my hair, gee I wish I was at the movies.
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Tia Lola said...

I don't see a new shoe painting...and not seeing one interferes with one of the highlights of my day.

BTW what are the dimensions of these shoe paintings?

Collection of the Artist said...

The painting measures 6x6 inches. The details have to be painted with a brush the size of a hair (LOL) I'm exagerating. They are more difficult to paint as a large painting.

patricia said...

How cute, they look like some little slippers I gave
my nephew. They look like they're talking to each other. Nice gift.

patricia said...

OOPS!!!! My comment above was meant for the OH! Mickey slippers.

I do love this painting, sassy!