Friday, February 20, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 days

Sports heel # 19
If you ever thought of running in your high heels this is the shoe for you. I'm getting faster at painting these little 6x6 inch paintings. I should have 22 completed by tonight, this weekend I will have to do two a day in order to be up to par. The artist progress reception is next Thursday and I'm almost over the hump. As soon as this is over a vacation is due, hopefully these little shoe paintings will have enough red dots to pay for the expense. They will be for sale at the 20th Street Gallery in Sacramento, CA.
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K said...

At first I had trouble discerning that this was a shoe instead of a cubist-inspired instrument of torture. However, because of the way you employ a bold palette and portray such an odd design it is one of the most artful of your shoe paintings thus far.