Sunday, February 8, 2009

50 Paintings in 50 days

The above is the corrected painting, or is it? I'm not sure it's an improvement, it looks overworked. This one is baffling me, to top it off while I was working on it, I was in the process of dyeing my hair, I saw at the Salon how they dye eyebrows, so I put dye on my eyebrows. Except that while I was painting I got hungry and decided to eat something from the fridge and rest a little, forgetting all this time about the dye on the eyebrows. Now my eyebrows look like they have been tattooed (LOL). Another Aha! moment, however, not in the area I wanted, painting shoes while painting eyebrows; the cosmetologist shoud warn "Don't try this at home".
The missing shoe No.# 4 and my worst effort, it cost so much time in corrections. I had to scrape it off with a dental tool after I realized the color wasn't working, even after taking this picture I continue to work on instead of giving up. When trying to upload this set of pictures, Picasa wouldn't load, so I had to do research and load them via the camera. I will keep trying to rescue and when all rescue efforts to resuscitate fail I will replace it with something that will not be such a challenge, for now I'm determined not to give up on my purple passionata. The problem I found is that patent leather has so many reflections it gets weighed down with detail and I end up feeling like I'm painting miniatures. I'm keeping my head above water, but it's touch and go, two o clock in the morning desperate finishing efforts.
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