Monday, February 16, 2009

50 Painitngs in 50 days

Pretty in pink #17
Completed today, Monday, number 17 of 50, is it too late to quit? I posted five today that where completed since Saturday, scroll down to see the rest, comments are welcome. It is now 3:50p.m. I haven't had lunch, I went to bed late and I'm still in my pajamas. I had to finish this one, I'm so close to catching up, I just need to do today's and that will be 18. I have no Idea how I got so behind? For a beginner like me if I am one behind, it's too much, since it takes me about two to four hours for each painting. I don't know what this girl in the painting is doing, but I like it. I will work on the background as time allows, I found out if I have a dark background I have to tone the board with gray acrylic paint or Gesso otherwise it's hard to cover the board on the first shot. Thank you for visiting my blog, this has become my favorite part of this project and the best part is your comments, I love reading them.
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K said...

I'm trying again because my comment disappeared once again. I don't know who she is but she has great legs, and the innocent shoes accentuate her posture. Cheers for the artist!

patricia said...

I love the look of the legs and especially shoes.
They look so delicate.