Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pink Marabou

I submitted my application last Wednesday to 20Th Street Art Gallery for a show called 50 Paintings in 50 Days and by Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009 I will find out if I have been accepted. If I get accepted you will be able to see my progress on this blog. The painting theme I submitted is "My Girlfriend's Shoes" the credit for the title goes to Sherri Adams, Deputy D.A., whose shoes are fascinating and of the latest style. My sample painting is Pink Marabou and it was the second shoe painting I completed for this show. I'm sure that if I have to paint 50 shoes I will be cured of buying any more shoes for a long time, resulting in tremendous savings.

The artists begin painting February 1 and must submit all 50 paintings March 25. The show will be on exhibition in Sacramento's second Saturday art walk April 8.


patricia said...

Beautiful! I can see four of these paintings in my shoe closet. May I purchase this one and comission you for three more? Thank you

Anonymous said...
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Mark said...

These are my favorite work of yours. Beautiful, something about this little painting. My wife said she wants it.