Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Acceptance is a powerful thing

I couldn't wait for the 20st Art Gallery to call me, so I called about 2:00 pm to check if I had been ACCEPTED, they said to call back in an hour, one of the judges was late and they were still adding up all the points. I called back at 3:30 pm and the lady said, "You made it". So I went and picked up my 52 6x6 inch panels (2 mistakes allowed, Yikes!). I emailed all my friends and told them to RESERVE THIS DATE: APRIL 11, 2009 we are in. Now the hard part... it's 11:13 pm and I have been working on fixing this blog so I can post my progress in an effort to make it difficult for me to procrastinate, I'm shaming myself into success. The painting of the above shoes, well that is one of my flops, not impressive at all, they were eliminated from the competition. Last week when I turned the application in (with the painting of Pink Marabou), they said there were 80 or more applicants so far. Look below this blog to check out my other paintings. More to follow...

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conilandry said...

i love this one these are my shoes
they make a statement