Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alejandra in repose

8x6in. oil on Pintura panel
I've been away from this blog for too long. I started this little painting at about 9:30pm and finished at 1:20am Saturday. It took me a lot less time to complete than the 10 hours it used to take me. This is not a good picture I took it while it was still wet and on my easel, K helped out with the correction of the feet, her right foot was too big. Perhaps now she looks like she has dirty feet?
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Tia Lola said...

This is a beautiful painting of A. Friday Furlough event is a great idea- and what a special way to support local artists- I love it.
Thx for posting the update on the Opening Event.
lv L

Marilyn Eger said...

Lovely!!! Wonderful color and terrific pose!!

Collection of the Artist said...

Thanks Guys for commenting on the little painting. That's really nice.

K said...

You did an admirable job of capturing this resting child. The pose and facial expression are excellent.